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Dan Jackson

Director/ Producer / Partner

Dan is a Director, Producer and President of Devil + Details.  Dan is also an award-winning storyteller & film director. Dan has a wide array of experience in film-making and marketing; not only directing and writing but also producing and editing his own films. His accomplished career takes in the breadth of the film industry, from working crew positions on Hollywood feature film sets, to releasing his first feature film, Open Gate.  Distributed by Phase 4 Films & Osiris Entertainment, the film received both festival and Critic's Choice praise.  Before making his feature film debut, Dan worked as both a Marketing Director and Marketing Coordinator in Texas and California.


After receiving bachelor degrees in Psychology and Business from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, Dan decided to make storytelling his life.


Jonathan Hall

Chief Production Officer /


Jonathan Hall is one of Hollywood’s most sought after young cinematographers. Hailing from the central coast of California, his love for the camera began at the age of 14 when he started filming friends and teammates for sponsorship and promotional work. While still in school, Jonathan made his way onto the camera teams of some of Hollywood’s elite. Those experiences allowed him to jump directly into feature work as a cinematographer. His work spans blockbusters and television hits such as Avatar, Give’em Hell Malone, AMC’s The Walking Dead & MTV’s Teen Wolf.



Hunter Carson


Hunter Carson has spent a lifetime in the motion picture industry, cutting his teeth as an actor, and working his way from the bottom up to then become a writer, producer and director for feature films and reality television in Los Angeles, New York and Dallas. His debut as an actor was in Wim Wenders cult classic Paris Texas. After working on many projects in various roles and levels of responsibility, his feature film Bull fighter was produced in Denmark in 2000, quickly followed by his first break as a director in 2001 when Michael Rymer asked him to direct the title sequence for his film Perfume. Two years later he directed talent of the caliber of Tim Roth and Richard Schiff for the short film With It. This garnered him national and international recognition, including an honorary mention at the Mannheim-Heidelberg international Film Festival and official selection at the Tribeca Film Festival.  In 2003 Hunter jumped full throttle into the burgeoning reality television industry: where he has worked both as a director and producer for, among others, Bobby Goldstein Productions, and their syndicated show Cheaters. Since 2010 Hunter has been working in the Reality TV world as a Showrunner, and pursuing his interest in feature films as both a Director and Producer.

With a background in directing, producing and cinematography Mike brings years of experience and knowledge to every production. Starting off as a camera assistant Mike worked his way up the ranks. He has worked for small boutique studios, record labels, large commercial studios all the way up to Hollywood film productions.


He has shot and directed commercials, documentaries, music videos and narrative film projects of all sizes. Past clients include Lionsgate films, Paramount Pictures, Fox, National Geographic, Maxim, Yamaha Entertainment Group, Pepsi, USA Today, Hyundai and AOL.



Mike Andrade

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A Production House
A Production House
A Production House